how to tell if someone is really bisexual:

  • if a true bisexual utters their name backwards, it will send them back to their home dimension for a minimum of 90 days. 
  • fire type bisexuals will always be able to learn the move solarbeam, unless they are flareon. 
  • biologically, bisexuals are incapable of going down stairs.
  • some bisexuals are unable to cast a shadow, though this is currently up for debate


Loophole written by saccharinesylph

Bound by meulin-deaf-disciple

The cover is cerulean blue with metallic gold, and the spine is brown pleather, complete with a blue ribbon bookmark, and illustrations. The book itself is 8”x 6”, and has a total of 177 pages. All of which was crafted with much care. 

I have been waiting to post this for like 2 months, But here it is!